Meet Fandy Diney

Holistic Education Advocate

“The question to children should not be
‘What will you do?’, but ‘Who will be?’” -Fandy Diney

Fandy is a proactive international educator with 18 years of  work experience facilitating linguistic and intercultural competence around the world.  

Fandy is the initiator of iEducate Global and holds a Certificate in School Management and Leadership. She Also an International Baccalaureate Affiliate, and a Workshop Leader for the IB Educators Network. She Fandy has worked in Korea, Italy, Uganda and China, supporting pupils and teachers of multiple nationalities, diverse social identities and cultural backgrounds. 

As a founding member of the DEIJ committee of the Association of Educators and Leaders of Color, she is currently working on AEILOC’s iDEIJ Continuum for International Schools. 

Fandy has also worked with education recruitment organisations like ISS and Search Associates. With International School Services as a Member of the Antiracism Task- Force; she also took part in Search Associates’ DEI listening circle as part of their research into the experiences of non-white users of their teacher recruitment services. 

As a Professional Development Leader with proven teaching and coaching skills,  Fandy helps people engage in their personal or professional journey as they inquire into Language, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism.  

Fandy is committed to building a culture of inclusion, belonging and justice through a holistic approach to learning. Fandy’s approach to iDEIJ is based in the Holistic Learning Inquiry Cycle to explore language, bias, intercultural competence, racial literacy, anti-racism, and global citizenship education.