As a Professional Development Leader with proven teaching and coaching skills,  Fandy helps schools engage in their transformational journey as they inquire into Language, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism. 

Holistic Development


Identity | Diversity | Equity | Inclusion & Belonging | Justice

Are your learners understood as a whole person?

Are you supporting all supporting learners sense of self, belonging and their interconnectedness with others?

How do pupils and families from various backgrounds and social identities fare in your school community?

Curriculum & Instruction Aligment

Is your school curriculum is fragmented, disjointed, does not misaligned vertically and horizontally. It does not respond to Accrediting Organizations Standards and Practices. It does not support the round development of learners. Not mapped?

Poor teacher collaboration and poor culture of learning. Which impacts learning experiences for students?

Problems with unit planning and progressions, not designed for learners outcomes. Teaching strategies that are teacher-centred or heavily based on content?

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