Educational Coaching

iEducate Global partners up with schools that are ready to commit to putting learners’ whole development at the center of what they do.

Educational Coaching

I provide expertise gained over 18 years in international education and academic research.

I educate pedagogical leaders, teachers, parents and other stakeholders on how to integrate student-centred and holistic learning approaches to their educational practices.

How do we do ignite learning?

iEducate Global Cycle

Facilitating Teacher inquiry through collaborative coaching

The 8 steps of the iEducate Global Cycle
I support teachers as they engage in their professional inquiry cycle. Be it individual or collective.  

From seeing reality to transforming curriculum, to becoming a collaborative learning team that achieves student centred outcomes. 

Get the support your pedagogical team needs

Ready to ignite holistic learning?


E-Learning units are available on:

• Planning integrative units

•  Designing learning activities

• Assessing student development 

• 1-on-1 live virtual coaching


A combination of live and virtual learning is available via:

• On-site collaborative coaching cycles for pedagogical teams.

• Continue the learning online through virtual follow up and support


Face to face support at your school via:

•PD Training & collaborative planning insets.
•Individual and collaborative coaching.
• Keynote speeches on Holistic Education


“Fandy is willing to take what research and theory say are best practices and use critical thinking skills to turn them into her own.  She has applied the Coaching Cycle to the international school context and facilitated teacher collaboration in achieving student-centered outcomes“.Michelle Harris Twitter: @harrismr1 Michelle Harris Senior ConsultantInstructional Coaching GroupCo-author of The InstructionalContinue reading “Michelle Harris”

Michelle Harris